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TECS International is a non-profit organization who, with the motto ‘Sharing equals Multiplying’, are committed to improve the quality of life for the disadvantaged people in society, status holders and refugees by offering workshops and the accompanying teachers and lesson materials.

This book aims to inspire you to find out what you are good at, how to hone your skills and put your newly found passion and/or work ethic into a pro-active plan to enter the professional work field they desire to work in. The chapters tackle job interview tactics and preparations, skill assessments, confidence boosting, breathing and conversational exercises and motivational letter writing.


Design Angelique Kuijpers Illustrations & Cover Falco Verholen Editors Hetty Bruinse, Rose M Koelewijn Publisher Drukkerij Koopmans BV Print On Demand Peecho BV Amsterdam Release July 2018 Volume 58 pages and spread cover Format A5, Soft Cover, Soporset premium offset white 80 grams Language Dutch (English edition soon) ISBN 978-94-92988-00-3


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