The Exhibition _

This project was made especially for the Salone Del Mobile '18, the annual international art and design fair in Milan. As I was preparing for my first showcase at the Salone, I felt the urge to create something that in a way, was mocking the concept of the Salone: everything new and always better. When it is so well known that everything 'old' (music, fashion, design, trends) is constantly being referenced. 




The Concept _

Inspired by classic well-known still lives of items which are celebrated for their beauty and captured for an eternity, I wanted to create something that wasn't just new, modern or trendy. With a focus on contemporary society's need for the newest designs, and the habit to easily discard of  'old' items I introduced a concept based on the similarities between old and new design. 




The Content _

The designs are based on photographs taken in a still-life set up of secondhand products that have thoughtlessly been bought and quickly discarded. Celebrating their colour and shape I created collages inspired by these products' forms. The overal feeling of the design sets (divided by colour) is modern, playful and new. Interesting that the original inspiration is anything but that: deriven from unwanted and 'old' products.



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