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The Concept _

This Manifesto is here to raise your awareness to a problem I signalized in our contemporary society: the inability to contain our emotions. Inspired by the historic Enlightenment Period I set out to restore our calm and collected mindsets through image and illustration, guided by text.

More than anything I wanted to create a substantial dialogue among multidisciplinary (creative) professionals in order to integrate the idea of a more reasonable and sober minded society.




The Content _

This book is divided into three chapters, all based on subjects relevant to the Enlightenment Period. There is a chapter based on the irrationality and unreliability of our thinking patterns (Sapiens; the imperfect human), the steadfastness and answers we get from nature (Sobrius) and the tireless intriguing pull of newness and excitement that science brings us (Scientes).

The style of the book is determined by the mixed media artworks made on the pages. It features illustrations printed on lime paper, transparent plastic and hand sewn into paper images. All illustrations, photographs and layovers are made my me, including the writing of the text.




The Message _

The tangibility of this book, the pages that surprise you at every turn and the tranquility the images exude hopefully tap into a consciousness of your own thinking habits and thought patterns. Are you over-emotional? Do you turn to nature to nurture your mind? Are you still scared of change?




The Exhibitions _

This project was exhibited during the 2017 Dutch Design Week at the TAC (Temporary Art Centre) in Eindhoven. TAC presented an exhibition featured around the Future Pathways in Design: 'Trajectories'. It represents the idea of different groups, each moving forward on their unique paths. Various international designers, artists, schools and collectives were invited to share their vision. Including myself as a representative of my academy's graduates.

In April 2018 I also had the honour of exhibiting this project (and a new one) at the Fuorisalone during the international design fair Salone Del Mobile in Milan, Italy. My work was showcased in Lambrate at the Din Design location. For more information check one of these links:

> Fuorisalone, >FashionUnited, >Dutch Design Press Deck, >



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